Cascina Castlet

The farmhouse’s old stone walls protect the wines the age silently in the shadows, inside large, dark and traditional oak barrels with a capacity of 34 hectolitres. On the other side of the yard, a newer cellar represents the other soul of the wine. Here it is cradled and aged in young, modern barriques capable of outstanding elegance. Modern and sophisticated machines, an automated bottling line, steel. Control of every process, and led lights that switch on and off, almost as though to remind us that electronics are at our disposal. Above, in a sort of bare attic, is a long corridor of withering crates for the finest grapes, destined to become Barbera Passum, Moscato Avié and that rarest of wines, Uvalino, which we used to give to the priest and the doctor, or keep for ourselves for celebrations.

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