Phylloxera KG was not born out of cold economic calculations, but out of passion.

We belong to a group of wine lovers who meet once a month (even today) to open, taste and enjoy a pair of exquisite bottles of grape juice each time.

We decided to make our passion our "profession", because what you really like to do, you do well. All the products we offer have been tasted and approved in our wine round. So you will find the same products in the assortment of Phylloxera KG as you would find at home in the cellar and in the refrigerator.

Our love for wine and our honesty are our guarantee. Not for nothing it is called "in vino veritas".

Since, as I said, we also like to drink a glass of wine, we are also looking forward to your suggestions, in the hope of being able to implement a lot of them.

We thank you for your interest and would be pleased to spoil you with our products in the future!

Your Phylloxera
Florian, Stephan and Bernhard