Aziende Agricole Di Martino

A wide expanse of olive trees, blown by the sea breeze day and night. This is the Masseria Schinosa. The ancient Apulian estate, founded in Trani in 1647, is today a reference point for agricultural production in the entire region. More than 28,000 olive trees, tended by the Di Martino sisters with the greatest care, with the most modern cultivation techniques and a love that time cannot stop. Olive cultivation in Trani extends over 176 hectares and has a long tradition. Most of these olive trees were planted by the ancestors of the present managers. In the last 10 years, 15 hectares of the Peranzana, Nocellare, Bella di Spagna and Phicoline varieties have been added to the 100-year-old trees of the Coratina variety, which are in impeccable condition.

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