Distilleria Beccaris

Distilleria Beccaris was established...
Distilleria Beccaris was established thanks to a sort of “game of chance”. In fact , in 1951 its founder Elio Beccaris decided to start its own firm but he did not know whether it had to be a distillery, a winery or a vinegar factory. So he made his new born son Carlo decide by putting three slips of paper with the three alternatives in a hat and letting him take one, the ultimate decision should be taken by his innocent and unaware hand and it proved to be the lucky one.Carlo Beccaris now show in his personality the same rare and essential characteristics of seriousness of his firm, handicraft care and passion originating high quality. The production cycle starts at the end of the summer with the selection of the best marcs from the vineyards located in the heart of the region between Langhe and Monferrato.Then come the other phases of production: distillation, ageing, and the packaging of the bottles that every year are put on the market after a carefully controlled process. Everything is aimed at reaching high quality with the same passion of an artist developing his work. In spite of its expansion the distillery still remains a family firm. The art of producing grappa handed down from Elio Beccaris to his son Carlo, who now maneges the firm, is a heritage accepted with enthusiasm also by Marco and Paolo, already working in the distillery and giving innovating ideas also for the design of the bottles and labels.
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